Close Your Eyes and Write!

Are you burned out? Stressed? Or just plain tired but you still need to write?

I’ve been there too. As much as you’d like to rest, pushing your work away is not going to happen because your deadline is peering over your shoulder.

Here’s my tip:

Close your eyes and write.

That’s it.

There’s something about shutting the world off (at least visually) that feels more calming. Instead of looking around you or getting distracted by things on your screen, seeing nothing helps you focus more.

And once you’ve closed your eyes, just let go and start typing. Let words arise as they will and flow on your screen. Don’t stop. Don’t edit. And don’t open your eyes until you feel like you just have to stop.

Then when you look at your screen, you have content on it! Some of it will be misspelled and you will need to edit it. But you have content up!

The next part is a little easier. Once you’re done just getting words down, edit your content, and send it off.

This is a great tactic to use if you’re a student and feel like you can’t think of anything for an essay you’re. And if you’re any kind of writer and just need to get your work done.

I recommend this tip for when you’re completely tired out or stressed. But it’s also useful if you’re just starting to write early in the day and want to get work done faster.

So, give it a go. Close your eyes and write. And let me know how it works for you.