Trust Your Brain – You Can Learn Anything You Want

In 2018, I started to learn Python from the Learn Python the Hard Way course. I soon dropped it because I felt overwhelmed.

Recently (it’s 2021 now), I started to learn JavaScript because I want to move into a higher-paying field and because I just want to learn to code.

To my delight and annoyance, as I started on the basics of JavaScript, I found it easy and even intuitive.

Why was this?

This was because I had spent a few weeks in 2018 grinding at Python.

The brain remembers. Three years later and the brain remembers today what it spent a few weeks working on long ago.

Many people give up on studying because they are absolutely positive that some personal flaw or weakness will not allow them to learn something new or difficult. And I’m here to tell you that that’s just wrong.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, your personal brain is not flawed or broken compared to anyone else’s.

Assuming you’re a typical or regular person without certain learning disabilities, you basically can learn anything you want. Or rather your brain can.

Your brain will pick up information, process it, and make it part of its setup. That is what the brain does. Just like how your heart pumps blood like everyone else’s heart pumps blood.

If you consistently work at learning a new language, you will master it. If you keep plugging away at mathematics, coding, knitting, pottery, writing with your feet… you will eventually figure it out. It’s what your brain does.

What you need to do is give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable when learning. You also have to keep learning. And this is important – you have to give yourself enough breaks. Taking breaks is a key part of learning. It’s when your brain keeps working in the background to assimilate what you’ve been studying.

You can’t tell whether you’ve learned something by testing yourself just after you’ve done some work memorizing or learning about a topic. You need to give yourself time before you decide that you can’t learn a specific thing or generally.

Most probably, once you’ve actively spent time studying something, you will remember it or pick it up faster in the future. But you’ll never know if you don’t do the work or go back and check.

Your brain can learn. But you are the gatekeeper who consciously decides whether or not your brain even gets the chance to study. So, do the work and trust your brain. You can and will learn anything you want to.