What to Do when You Blank Out During an Exam

Sitting in an exam hall and your papers are in front of you but you can’t remember a single word of anything you’ve studied. That’s a nightmare that’s all too real for many students. School and college students as well as adults taking up studies from all over the world face this common problem. The […]

The First Time You Learn Something Will Always Be the Hardest

We’ve all experienced it: the frustrating inability to understand a new topic. The sheer confusion as words collide against each other into a mushy soup of meaningless stuff. And pounding against that experience is the fear that this is how it will always be. You will always struggle with this language, skill, or subject. It […]

Trust Your Brain – You Can Learn Anything You Want

In 2018, I started to learn Python from the Learn Python the Hard Way course. I soon dropped it because I felt overwhelmed. Recently (it’s 2021 now), I started to learn JavaScript because I want to move into a higher-paying field and because I just want to learn to code. To my delight and annoyance, […]

Why You Should Learn Even If There’s No Practical Application

I was listening to someone share how they were struggling to learn a new subject that was entirely out of their comfort zone. Interested in what they were doing, I asked them to share a specific topic that they were struggling with. And they did. To my delight, although I did not understand the topic […]

5 Myths About Learning You Should Stop Believing

Do you feel like you have mental blocks that prevent you from studying or learning anything new? We all do. Even people who excel at their studies and pick up knowledge fast find learning difficult. The difference between people who study well and those who quit learning is that the former can dispel myths about […]

Close Your Eyes and Write!

Are you burned out? Stressed? Or just plain tired but you still need to write? I’ve been there too. As much as you’d like to rest, pushing your work away is not going to happen because your deadline is peering over your shoulder. Here’s my tip: Close your eyes and write. That’s it. There’s something […]